What’s better than sex itself? Working up to sex. Foreplay can be anything that you want it to be; anything that excites you and helps you connect with each other. The more time and attention paid to foreplay, the better the actual act of intimacy. Luckily, at Covenant Spice, we provide many Christian sexual aids that allow couples to delve into foreplay with passion and excitement. Up the romance factor with our Bed of Roses or Magnetic Poetry Kit, get flirty with our Booty Parlor Seduction Kit or Shimmer Love Bubbles, or get downright naughty with our Sex Kitten Mask/Cuff Set or All Tied Up Bonding Tape.

Whether you want to get romantic or get crazy, you can make your night anything that you want it to be with our products for foreplay. There’s something for everyone, whether you know exactly what you want or you want to spice things up but don’t know exactly how to go about it. Here, all the options are available to you in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Browse the products on the following pages - as well as the products throughout our website - and get ready to make this a night you will always remember!

With sex toys, price and quality go hand in hand. There are premium, high quality, more expensive products or there are cheaply made and cheaply priced. We carry both types so that you can find something to fit your budget. Trying something new? Get a cheap one and see if you like it. Want something that will last and provide great results every time? Invest.



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