A monthly review by Jason and Patricia. We send them a product, they try it out, and let us know what they love and hate about it.

In the box: enclosed in the box is your We-Vibe Tango, charging base, charging cord, instructions, and a travel bag.

For him: for me the Tango is very good but over built. I was excited to try it when I first got it. I got it with the intention to use it for foreplay mainly. So when I say over built, if you put this vibrator on the high setting and set it on a hard wood or tile floor it will do back flips. Now if my wife touches my penis with it on high it only takes about 20-25 seconds of that to orgasm. Now when she puts it on a low or med setting i get very aroused easily, witch isn't really a bad thing. My wife will occasionally put it on low and rub my back with it, it can be a very relaxing vibrator. My only complaint is the charging base, it has a magnetic charging base that is difficult to keep connected to the vibrator. If the charging base is not completely level with the surface it's on the vibrator and charger will come disconnected and it will not charge. So I do wish it had a little better charging system.

For her: for me, just like my husband mentioned it's very very powerful. If my husband puts it on the high setting, and touches my clitoris with it, it causes more pain than pleasure. Now on low or med setting its a different story. I really enjoy it for foreplay, and I also like it when my husband will massage my neck, breast thighs and all over my body with it. It's a great product.

Info: if your using it for the first time, be very careful, it's very very powerful, start on low and work your way up. 

Over all for my wife and I, we would give it a 4 out of 5 star.  

$80 can be expensive, but your paying for quality, not many products can do intense arousal and deep relaxation like this one can, defiantly worth the extra dollar, this is a very good product and would recommend it to any married couple for for-play and body message. 
Great product!!! Over all for my wife and I, we would give it a 5 star. Buy it now!


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