A monthly review by Jason and Patricia. We send them a product, they try it out, and let us know what they love and hate about it.

In the box: This box encloses a We-Vibe 4 Plus, remote, charging base, charging base cover, charging cord, and information for the We-Vibe app.

For him: At first I was a little curious to see how well it would stay in place, as well I didn't think I could fit the We-Vibe and my penis in my wife at the same time, but to my surprise it worked very efficiently. There really wasn't any more pressure than there normally is. It stays in place very well after penetration has taken place. I found the best position was missionary or cowgirl, if you do doggie style, it can be very overwhelming and have a lot of stimulation on your frenulum, and resulting in very rapid orgasm. In any position the vibrations definitely with make for a harder erection and more intense orgasm.

It can get uncomfortable if you’re not lubed properly, so be sure to lube up good before so it doesn't cause discomfort.

I do wish the app worked a little better. It's a good concept, but after sex and you go to turn it off, and if your phone has gone to sleep, it has to re-pair before you can it to turn off via the app. The remote works a little better to turn it on and off. Now the app does have a very interesting feature that allowed you to format your own custom vibrations, you can make it as intense as long any theme you want, and also has 10 other vibration selections.

For her: I was quite a bit nervous at first mainly because I wasn't sure it would actually fit in me while my husband and I were having sex. It actually fits very well, I believe there web site says "body hugging" and that's very accurate, it's not uncomfortable at all. The part that goes on the inside snuggles rite up to my g-spot, and vibrates his penis, so it's like having a vibrating penis inside you as well as a good vibrator on my g-spot. When my husband is thrusting, every time he bumps the outside part of the We-Vibe it pushes against my clitoris witch is also gives a very amazing feeling.

You need to get it in place before your husband goes in you, and after he is in you, you might need to make a small adjustment to the position of it inside you to prevent discomfort.

It can be very, very intense and overwhelming at times, if it's your first time, take it slow and practice leaving it in for an hour at a time before sex to get used to the feeling. It was a strange feeling at first, but it grew on me and now I ask for it more than my husband does. Also make sure it's lubed well, if it's not it can rub a raw spot very quickly.

Info: it is made of very high medical grade silicone, I've read you can use any lube with it as long as you wash it after every use. My wife and I use flax seed oil and wash it very well after every use and it looks like it came out of the box yesterday.

Over all my wife and I would give it an easy 5 star.

$180 can be expensive for a vibrator, but you’re paying for quality. Not many vibrators are this quiet and powerful and do a phenomenal job of pleasuring both husband and wife at the same time during intercourse. It's a very good high quality couple’s vibrator in our opinion. Would highly recommend to any married couple. Buy it now!




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