Laid P.3 Silicone Cock Ring

  • $2999

These toys were sculpted by hand and relentlessly tested until real people loved them. The colors and finishes were chosen the same way. But, they didn't stop there, every thoughtful detail was included from user manuals with creative, inspiring ways to use each item, diagrams that explain every curve and nuance of the product design, and a sample of lubricant (under the carved foam insert) is included with each toy. Designed to be worn around the penis and testicles, the P.3 penis ring contributes to a fuller erection and may delay orgasm by slowing the flow of blood from the penis.
The innovative shape of the P.3 allows for variations in use and added sensation. While still firm while being worn, the silicone is much stretchier for easir application.
100% Medical grade silicone

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