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Rabbit Habit

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For over 20 years, the name Vibratex has been associated to quality. It is a company committed to women's health, comfort, and pleasure, as well as producing superior-quality toys made of the safest materials available in the market today. All of their vibrators have high quality engines that are quiet and very long-lasting. The controllers are intuitive, sensitive and offer an extensive range of vibration intensity that every woman will appreciate. Vibratex packaging is always attractive and conservative. This is the most popular style of vibrator ever made! Why? Because it incorporates the top four things that turn women on the most:
The flexible ears are designed to give direct clitoral stimulation
The rotating pearls stimulate the first one-third of the vagina where women have tons of sensitive nerve-endings.
A gyrating tip curves to massage the G-spot.
A soft squishy tip that makes it ultra comfortable for penetration.
The two separate rheostats on the Rabbit Habit allow the user to choose their preferred levels of intensity and vibration. Made from elastomer that contains no phthalates, this purple passion creator is high quality and made to last.

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