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Sex Aphrodisiac Essence

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Sex Aphrodisiac Essence

Applying a fragrance scent is a ritual for many women, it can provoke feeling of confidence and sexiness

Roll on applicator allows for pulse points to be stimulated with pheromone infused perfume.

The pulse beating at these points will disturb the fragrance you have dabbed or sprayed on. As the fragrance is disturbed, it is continuously refreshed. The pulse points are also warmer than other areas of the body. A perfume reacts to warmth and the scent is stronger on the warmer areas of a body, so if you spray or dab perfume on these warmer pulse points, it will make a stronger presence.

Because perfume (not eau de toilette) is so expensive, you want to make it go as far as you can. You also don't want to overuse a scent; you will overpower people as you encounter them. Using pulse points helps you to use less scent, which will subtly announce your presence.

Fragrance naturally combines with your Natural Pheromones & pH to create love spell of sexual arousal

Fragrance:  Black Orchid is the essence of desire distilled into a fragrant oil. Dangerous intentions of orchid intertwine with dark violet to bewitch while muted amber & earthy musk complete a fragrant symphony of mysterious seduction


Suggested Use:  Topically apply to pulse points on your body where you feel your heart beat--wrists, throat, under the ears, on the inner elbows and behind the knees.

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