VeDO Ohhh Bunny Spunky Bunny

  • $3199

This little bunny can be placed on the finger to transform it into a teasing, pleasing, vibrating pleasure machine for both partners. Includes 5 vibration modes.

Your Bunny can operate for 2 hours when it’s fully charged. That’s a whole lotta love’n. The charging status will display through the bunny’s beautiful LED signal.

The Spunky Bunny has 5 hopping, ear twitching, body shaking, toe curling vibration modes, enabling you to unlock all your spouses sexual desires.
The seamless finish of all our bunnies allows you to enjoy yourself in all the right wet places. You can submerge the the bunny’s head and ears, bet never its full body.

All our bunnies come with an ohhh so easy one button control. With a single touch, control all your favorite toe curling modes.

Charging Cable, Satin Storage Pouch
 100% Silicone
 USB Rechargeable

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