XPANDER X2 The Pioneer S

  • $4999

Xpander X2 – The Pioneer
Discover the world of prostate stimulation with the pioneer from the XPANDER series. The X2 provides the perfect balance between prostate, anal and perineum stimulation. Discover the unparalleled XPANDER effect in couple play.

An orgasm by stimulation of the prostate is considered one of the greatest orgasms a man can experience.
The innovative XPANDER technology is the result of intensive sexual research conducted in cooperation with urologists and sexologists. The unique functionality of the XPANDER allows the reduction of its volume by 50%. This principle allows the incredibly simple, yet absolutely safe insertion of the XPANDER.
The XPANDER immediately unfolds its full stimulation size there and then and creates the sensation of being magnificently filled, which is sure to thrill every man.

100 % Silikomed - The latest innovation deserves the best material!
Use the XPANDER with your lubricant of choice. With the XPANDER, even lubricants based on silicone can be used without any problems.

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