Erotic Massage

In many cases, the most passionate of lovemaking begins with the time put into working up to the big moment. It’s about feeling close, connected and cared for on every level; and erotic massage is a wonderful tool to use to establish and nurture intimacy. We offer a variety of products that allow you to explore erotic massage - from Body Kiss Flavored Edible Massage Cream and the Happy Back Tickler to the Massage Candle-Nag Champa: East Indian Incense and the Romantic Massage Kit. All of it together - oils, creams and candlelight - helps to set the tone and put a couple in the mood for romance.

In addition to our role as a Christian sex toy shop, we consider ourselves a purveyor of romance. Our erotic massage aids are one of the ways in which we give our couples the tools that they need to enhance their connection as a couple and their lovemaking as a whole.

Whether you’re looking for romance or a night of all-out sexual pleasure, you will find the toys, games and other sexual products that you need to fulfill any fantasy. Explore our website as a couple and discover the many ways that you can improve your intimacy and increase your pleasure.

With sex toys, price and quality go hand in hand. There are premium, high quality, more expensive products or there are cheaply made and cheaply priced. We carry both types so that you can find something to fit your budget. Trying something new? Get a cheap one and see if you like it. Want something that will last and provide great results every time? Invest.



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