Estrogen declines after menopause causing vaginal tissues to become thinner and less elastic. Decreased blood flow causes diminished sensation and lubrication. Sex drive and arousal can also be affected along with the ability to climax.

The more sexually active you stay, the better. Stimulation and penetration can improve elasticity and blood circulation to the tissues. Extended sex play increases lubrication. Like any muscle, the vagina is best kept healthy with regular exercise.

Low estrogen result in less natural lubrication that can result in bleeding, tightening of the vaginal opening and, narrowing of the vagina. All of these can make intercourse uncomfortable.

Vibrators stimulate blood flow, which increases moisture and boosts sexual response. Low doses of estrogen, vaginal moisturizers, and regular sexual activity will stimulate blood flow, keep muscles toned, and maintain your vagina’s length and stretchiness.

The drop in Estrogen can also cause a decrease in muscle tone and vaginal atrophy. Kegel exercises increase blood flow to the vagina and tone the muscles, which allows the pubic muscles to relax and improves the chances of pain free penetration. This also helps with urinary incontinence.

Soft smooth silicone toys are recommended when sensitive thin vaginal tissue is involved.

 A smooth cylindrical vibrator is good if you simply want to stretch and exercise the vaginal walls. If you also are looking for an aid to orgasm, a dual stimulation type vibrator with a separate stimulation for the clitoris is recommended. If you would like a vibrator to help with orgasm while you are working to get your vagina healthy again, you spouse can use an egg or bullet  on you to produce an orgasm without penetration. However, this should not be a replacement for intercourse, as the ultimate goal is painless penetration through stretching, lubricating and strengthening the vaginal walls is to restore them to health and keep them from shrinking and weakening.

We also always recommend a visit to a physician who specializes in Menopause. Often a topical estrogen applied to the vagina or even a low dose orally that does not produce the health risks people associate with Progesterone. 

There is an informative video on both Amazon and Netflix titled, Love, Sweat and Tears- Keeping Romance Alive after Menopause that is very helpful and has more information. 



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