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At Covenant Spice, part of our commitment is to providing our customers with a unique and extensive product line; Christian sexual aids that range from flirty to downright hot. Our selection of vibrating rings certainly falls into the “hot” category - with everything from our Basic Essentials Ring with Stimulating Beads and Lasso Erection Ring to our Ring of Xtasy Butterfly. Made to provide pleasure for both men and women, our vibrating rings turn up the heat in the bedroom - and your relationship.

What size ring should I order? Most rings are designed to encompass the base of the shaft as well as surround the point where the testicles meet the body. Some men prefer to wear them just on the penis, so a smaller diameter is needed to offer the constriction a user may be desiring. The original purpose of a c-ring is to restrict blood from leaving an engorged penis, creating a stronger and fuller erection. Many people treat the vibrating versions as a wearable vibrator, and don’t want that tight sensation. Stretchy rings are more adjustable than rigid ones. Hope that helps!

As a Christian sex toy shop, we are as committed to the couples we work with as we are the products we make available. It’s not only important to us that the products on this page - and throughout our website - are high quality and fun to use but also that our customers are comfortable shopping with us. As with everything on our site, our vibrating rings are shipped to you in plain packaging for the ultimate in privacy. 

Browse our vibrating rings below and remember to also explore the other pages of our website where you’ll find a fun selection of sexual aids - from edible delights to Kama Sutra tools. Get ready to explore new heights of ecstasy - together!

With sex toys, price and quality go hand in hand. There are premium, high quality, more expensive products or there are cheaply made and cheaply priced. We carry both types so that you can find something to fit your budget. Trying something new? Get a cheap one and see if you like it. Want something that will last and provide great results every time? Invest.




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