Vibrators are the considered the quintessential sex toy; ingrained in our sexual consciousness as popular pleasure aids for women. While vibrators may be typically thought of as solo sexual aids, they are fantastic sexual aids for married couples; to enhance lovemaking and support Christian intimacy. Our selection of vibrators is so extensive, we have separated them into specific categories - clitoral vibrators, rabbit style vibrators, traditional vibrators and waterproof vibrators.

Sexual aids allow couples to connect on a deeper sexual level and, as a result, develop a richer, more fulfilled relationship. We provide couples with a variety of toys, books and other products to give them more creative, fun ways to bring each other pleasure. Our vibrators - from the Better Than Chocolate clitoral vibrator and Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit to the Fun Factory Curve vibrator and Silicone Softee waterproof vibrator - are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.

Check out our categories of vibrators below and be sure to browse through the rest of our website where you’ll find a spicy selection of Christian sexual aids and romantic, fun and flirty products. When you’re ready to take lovemaking to the next level and relate to each other in a whole new way, it’s time to get shopping at Covenant Spice!

With sex toys, price and quality go hand in hand. There are premium, high quality, more expensive products or there are cheaply made and cheaply priced. We carry both types so that you can find something to fit your budget. Trying something new? Get a cheap one and see if you like it. Want something that will last and provide great results every time? Invest.



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