About Eggs and Bullets

Welcome to our page of eggs and bullets - some of our most popular Christian sexual aids! From our Inner Desire Velvet Touch Egg and Finger Ring to our Screaming “O” Bullet and Touche Ice Vibrating ICE CUBE massage, we offer an extensive selection of vibrating eggs and bullets to take your sexual experience up a notch. Whether you’ve used erotica before or you’re considering bringing it into the bedroom for the first time, you’ll find the products and privacy you want here at Covenant Spice.

Eggs and Bullets are our number one recommended product for married couples. You can use them during intercourse. They are small and do not interfere with intimacy between husband and wife. At the same time, they provide focused intense vibration to the clitoris and can aid women who have never had an orgasm or need a little extra stimulation during intercourse.

In a Christian marriage, sex is an important component of maintaining a healthy relationship. Why not spice things up a bit and explore the many ways in which you can bring each other pleasure? Our Christian sexual aids are meant for just that - to provide you with erotic products that can enhance your sexual relationship; in a forum in which you will be comfortable shopping.

Browse our Eggs and Bullets and remember, all of our products - from vibrators to sensual sets - are shipped in plain boxes to protect your privacy. Be sure to check out the other pages of our website where you’ll find everything from intimacy aids and games to sexy scenario books!



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