Massage Candle-Dreamsicle: Orange/Plum - Covenant Spice

Massage Candle-Dreamsicle: Orange/Plum

  • $1599

For a truly sexy massage, you need three things: candlelight, a sensual aroma, and warm massage oil. These candles provide all three. This candle has a very low melt temperature and melts into a warm luxurious massage oil. Set it by your bedside for the look and smell of an exotic ambiance, then reach over and pour a little on your spouse's body for the most sensuous massage of their life! Turn your home into a sexy, spa-like environment with this unique candle and massage oil in one. Light the Vitamin E, Soy and Hemp Oil candle for an aromatic delight and wait as it melts into a moisturizing massage oil perfect for massage or moisturizing dry skin. 100% natural, the candle is environmentally friendly and petroleum free. Burns for 60 hours. Includes small scoop enclosed in container. 8 oz.

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