Sexy Vibrations Game

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You can add some variety and countless hours of sexual adventure with the "Sexy Vibrations" game.  The cards can be used as flashcards for ideas of sex positions and activities to incorporate into lovemaking or players can play one of the gameplay options listed below. (Try and incorporate the mini vibrator during each activity.)

  • Option 1: Shuffle the deck and deal 6 cards from the deck to you and your spouse. Randomly arrange your 6 cards (either side) in a circle together.  Place the mini vibrating toy in the center of the circle. The toy's black button is the pointer. Take turns spinning the toy and performing the activity pictured on the card chosen by the pointer. Once that activity has been performed, flip the card over to reveal a different activity and the next player takes a turn. Only one spin of the toy per player per turn. You s can also choose to keep the foreplay going by inserting more cards from the deck.
  • Option 2: Deal 10 cards from the deck to you and your spose. Players get to choose 3 of the activities (either side) from their 10 cards (more if desired) to incorporate into their lovemaking. 
  • Option 3: Shuffle the deck and deal 12 cards to you and your spouse. Players take turns one at a time, performing one of the foreplay activities on one of their 12 cards (either side).

Plan ahead by having items on hand such as ice cubes, flavored body toppings, blindfold, massage oils, toys etc..

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